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     Welcome to World History 30!

    Projects Term 1 Term 2 FULL Semester
    U1 Video
    SEP 8
    NOV 10  SEPT 8
    U2 Brochure
    SEP 25
    NOV 28 OCT 20
    U3 Medieval Life
    OCT 6
    DEC 8 NOV 10
    U4 Absolute Rulers
    OCT 20
    DEC 21 DEC 8
    U5 Industrial Revolution
    NOV 1
    JAN 19 JAN 19

       Mrs Wendy Burr
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       Available for parent phone calls - Mondays 12:00-12:30
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       Within each unit there is an assignment to complete.
       Click on the U1 Video Response tab and completing the Video Response assignment.
       Then, proceed to the next unit.

    Term One Deadlines
    Oct 25 - Final DEADLINE for UNITS 1-3
       Nov 3 - 4pm - TERM 1 Final DEADLINE
       NOTE - Assignments submitted late are assessed but receive no feedback.


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    Label Assignments according to the instructions within each lesson. 

    Course Resources
     All required reading and videos are linked to each lesson.

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    • U6 - Equality