Can We Make Our Own Biosphere - Productivity and Biosphere Lesson

If you were born in 2011, use the graphic below to follow the depletion of resources as you age. 

Use the following information to see if we can construct Earth's Biosphere.

zoo biosphere Biosphere II Bottle biosphere

Zoo Biosphere

Click on image above to view NASA NPP animation

Biosphere II

Click on image above to link to the Biosphere II website

Bottle Biosphere

Click here to download lab report

In this activity, we're going to put all our learning together from both chapters and see if we can create the longest-standing (most sustainable) artificial biosphere.  This is precisely the concept behind the multimillion dollar biosphere II project.  Can humans create a biosphere similar to earth that can support life in the event that we run out of resources here and need to look elsewhere in space for another one (earth)? 

Click here to download the smartboard presentation.

Your Assignment:

1.  After the lesson with the teacher, go down to ranch and create your biosphere.  Bring your biosphere in a bottle back to class and place it on one of the shelves by the windows.  Leave for one week.

2.  Download the lab report template by clicking on the image on the far right above.  Complete the lab report.  Copy and save this report in your biology 20 files.  Submit to teacher by due date.