AB Tomorrow Project - this is a workshop about balancing land-use

Lesson Objective:  Students will understand past land use policies around Cochrane-Calgary corridor.  Students will then understand the complexities involved in balancing landuse with environmental protection using a land use simulator provided by AB Tomorrow Project.

Assignment:  We're going to use the help from ALCES to perform a hands on simulation of designing land use policies to see how complex the issue is between balancing economy and environment.  You will need to recall last units lessons on biogeochemical cycles and this units lessons on ecological services to perform this assignment.  Let's begin........

Below are diagrams that will give you an idea of what you will be doing in this assignment.

AB Tomorrow historical land use     land use 2

1.  Click here to access the instruction smartboard lesson.

2.  Click here to download the assignment.

3.  Once you have your materials go to albertatomorrow and register under your teacher's name.  Please do not use your real name in your username.  Once you have created your account, launch the simulator.  You will find videos under YOUR MISSION

4.  A representative from ALCES will be present to walk you through the simulator.