Lesson 1 Introduction to Digestive System: Nutrition

Lesson Objectives:  Students will observe where our food comes from.  Students will explain what materials are in our food and which are of nutritional value.  Students will state what each nutritional molecule does for our body.  The greatest lesson here is that NOTHING IS AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR HEALTH!


1.  View the videos below to gain an understanding of where food comes from and the value of shopping locally for your food.

2.  Click on any one of the images below to take you to a website on food.  Simply browse through any of these website just to gain a greater appreciation for nutritional food and your health.

Nutrition 1 Nutrition 2 Nutrition 3

3. Click here to download the smartboard lesson notes.

4.  Click on the image below to begin your assignment:  What are the Daily Recommendations of Each Macromolecule?  You are going to use the Canada's Food Guide to build yourself a daily intake guide.  You get carbohydrates from breads, fruits and vegetables, pasta; protein from meat and milk products; fats from animal meat, bread and milk products; vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition 5

5.  Follow the prompts when click on "My Food Guide".  Make a food guide. Record your recommended daily servings on your worksheet.

6.  Click on the image below to take you to a website dealing with your body mass index.  Complete the questions on the worksheet.


7.  On your worksheet, you are being asked to explain the basic building blocks of each macromolecule, where these basic building blocks come from in our food, and the importance of each macromolecule.  Use your textbook as indicated as well as clicking on each image below to obtain more information.

proteins Fats Carbs

8. What is the importance of vitamins and minerals.  Click on images below for help. 

vits and min