Lesson 1 Blood Components Intro - WBC Function and Immunity

1.   View the 15 min video below to learn about your white blood cells and immunity.


2.  Click to download the smartboard lesson to help you answer the questions on your worksheet.  Click here for answer key to worksheet.

3.   Click here to go to the Natural Health School for 4 pages of excellent summaries of the immune system.  The last page deals with boosting your immune system via alternative means.  Disclaimer:  This website is NOT the opinion of the teacher or Cochrane High School.  It is provided to you as a means of increasing your awareness of how the immune system works.

4.  Click on the following to help you better understand blood and your circulatory system.

circulatory system blood cells WBCs

WISC Online Website - Excellent

Franklin Institute Website on blood cells NobelPrize.org website WBC interactive game.

5.  Click here to go to an online practise quiz on blood components.  See how you fair!