Lesson 2 Platelets, RBCs and Blood Typing Activity

Smartboard Lesson Notes

Click on the graphic below to go on a fascinating journey about blood and red blood cells.


View both videos below to help you visualize the process of blood typing and agglutination.

Click on image below to go to interactive website on red blood cells.  Follow the prompts.  This will review with you the importance of red blood cells.

RBC Online Activity

Click on image below to go to website instructing you on blood typing.  Use this website to review the significance of agglutination and blood testing.

Blood Typing

Click on image below to go to NobelPrize.org to try the blood typing game.  Don't give the patients the wrong blood!!!!!!  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose blood typing game.

Blood Typing game

Click here to try another website on blood groups and blood typing.  More practise to try to get this concept.