Lesson 3 Physiology of ATP Pathways Assignment

Lesson Objective:  Students will explain the three main energy pathways to produce ATP depending on the activity being executed.  Students will be able to apply their knowledge to their own activities and, perhaps, gain greater muscular strength.


Smartboard Lesson Notes

View the videos to understand, more fully, the pathways leading to ATP production in the human body.

1.  Click here to go to a website outlining the three main energy pathways to ATP production. 

2.  Click on the diagram below to help you with more information on bioenergetics. 

2.  Click here to download your assignment for this lesson.

Activity:  Wall Squats

a.  Find a location against a wall.  Take your resting breathing rate (oxygen consumption rate) while standing up against the wall. Record your number in breaths/min.
b.  Move into a sitting position while leaning up against the wall.  Knees at 90 degrees.  Start recording the time the subject moved into this position.
c.  At 30 secs into activity, measure subject's breathing rate in breaths/min.  Record your number.
d.  Repeat step (c) every 30 s to get the maximum breathing rate (oxygen consumption rate) for this activity. 
e.  When subject quits (due to fatigue) record time it takes for subject's breathing rate to return to normal.  (Usually within 30 to 60 s).
f.  Rejoin the class and plot the best data as a group using the teacher as a guide.