Project EnerSys

Project EnerSys

Incredible Human Machine - 90 min


Everyone of your organ systems operates using ATP.  In the course of this term, you learned the biochemistry involved in creating ATP and pathways that this molecule is used depending on your level of activity.  You also learned, in greater detail, the physiology of five human systems.  Your task with Project EnerSys is to create an interactive presentation of your favourite human system and explain how it functions using ATP.

Background Information:

Hippocrates, born in Greece in 460 BC, was known as the founder of medicine and was regarded as the greatest physician of his time.  He based his medical practise on observations and on the study of the human body.  He held the belief that illness had a physical and a rational explanation and that the body must be treated as a whole and not just a series of parts.

Project Objectives: these are the skills I hope you will gain by doing this project

1.      Identify your system and explain its relevance to you.

2.      Interview community members or people outside the school, province or country to aid in your research.  Collect their work if you can.

3.      Research the physiology and technology involved with your chosen system.

4.      Design and create the project itself

5.      Create hands on material, record role playing or any other activity that will support the explanation of your chosen system.

6.      Apply scientific inquiry method if you choose or if required.

7.      Write creative descriptions of the elements of your system

8.      Use technology to research, make videos, recordings, and display your final product

Project Timeline:  here are deadlines to keep you on track with your project

Selection of system:  Week of December 1

Project Design:  Week of December 8 - 12; get your mentors involved in previewing your work

Project Submission:  Monday January 19

Project Overview: 

*       In this project, you will design an interactive presentation on the human system of your choice related to respiratory, digestive, circulatory, muscular or excretory systems.  Over the course of this term, you will research the physiology and technology of your chosen system. 

*       You will connect with one primary source to shape your project into one that is both interesting and accurate

*       You will produce an interactive digital presentation of your chosen system to be submitted to the teacher for marking.

*       Project Due Monday January 19

Contents of Interactive Presentation:  Your presentation must contain the following:

a)     Title

b)     Authors - that would be all group members and any other contributing individuals such as mentors, experts, guests

c)     Date Published - due date of project

d)     Table of Contents

  • Project Overview
  • Chapter 1 - Cellular Respiration and how it works
  • Chapter 2 - Your chosen system and how it works - you must include several Lindsay Atlas interactive slides as well as videos and still pictures to enrich your presentation
  • Chapter 3 - How your system uses ATP to function properly and what disease(s) can result if this doesn’t happen; use videos and still pictures
                    - Technology used by your system to treat/cure/improve that system; you can attach research papers to support your explanation
  • Chapter 4 - Summary of systems' use of ATP to function properly and what can happen if out of homeostasis or where future research lies
  • Bibliography - include all your sources used

Assessment Materials - Rubrics

Click here to view how I will assess the ICT portion of your presentation

Click here to view how I will assess the content portion of your presentation.