Assignment 1 - Goal Setting (due Week 2)

A major factor affecting the decisions you make are the goals you have set. If you have concrete, achievable goals, you make decisions that will help you get there. If you don't have goals, it is very easy to make decisions without thinking about how they will affect the future. Goals can come in short term (eg. by the end of this hour, I want to have this math lesson done) or long term (eg. after high school, I want to go to the University of Alberta and become a teacher).

In this lesson, you will look at different aspects of your life and make achievable, realistic goals for this school year. Really think about what you want to get out of this year. Picture yourself in June and think of what you would be happy with. Your goals should require effort but shouldn't be impossible to achieve. 

Achievable goals need to have really concrete ways of telling you that you met it. For example, setting a goal of eating less junk food is not something that is easy to prove. A better way to state that goal would be, "My goal is to eat junk food (chocolate, chips and candy) no more than twice a week."

Copy and Paste your work into the submission box and complete. If you would like to use Google docs, just copy and paste your document link (don't forget to make sure you have shared the document so that I have permission to open the document).

My Short Term Goals for This Year


Academic Goal:

Choose 2 school subjects that you would like to improve on this year. What do you want to improve?


Emotional Goal:

Set a goal for your emotional wellness this year.


Family Goal:

Think of 3 positive things you can do for your family members this year.


Peer Goals:

Set a goal to improve current friendships or make new ones this year.


Personal Goal:

Set any goal for something you want to achieve this year. It can be academic or not.


My Long Term Goals for My Life


Long Term Goals:

Set 2 long term goals. These may be for your education, career, personal life, or anything else.


What are 3 events that could happen that would stand in the way of you achieving these goals?


For each of these, explain what you could do to remove these barriers and successfully achieve your goals at the end.