Assignment 2 - Where Am I Collage (due Week 4)

Although it is important to have goals and to always be striving to improve, it is also important to appreciate who you are right now. You have your individual appearance, personality and abilities. Now is a great time to celebrate who you are. 

Create a collage that encompasses where you are in life right now. Include things like: family photos, friends, interests, special skills, church activities, etc. You can do this on-line using a graphics program and then attach it in the lesson or you can do a poster and mail it or drop it by the school. If you choose to do this activity off-line, please write a message in the Online Submission Area so your teacher will know to look for it.

Copy and Paste your work into the submission box and complete. If you would like to use Google docs, just copy and paste your document link (don't forget to make sure you have shared the document so that I have permission to open the document).