Assignment 4 - Media Influences (due Week 8)

In North America today we are bombarded by media every day. Everywhere we go there are sounds and sights of advertisements and messages everywhere. Through television, movies, magazines, billboards, and the internet we are continually presented with messages that are supposed to represent our culture. They are intended to make us think a certain way. Sometimes these messages are positive ones. Sometimes they are not. Reflect on some of the messages you've seen lately as you answer these questions below.

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Media Influences Questions

1. For each of the following areas, write a few sentences describing how popular media portrays these things:

  • Body Image (for men and women)
  • Lifestyle Choices (physical activity, hobbies, interests, etc.)
  • Drug Use (legal and illegal drugs)
  • Family Relationships (types of families you see in media)

2. Do you think these popular media messages are helpful or hurtful to young people? Justify your thoughts.

3. Explain how popular media tries to influence your decisions regarding:

  • What you watch (movies and TV shows)
  • Cosmetic Products (makeup, shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
  • Food you eat (grocery purchases or restaurants)
  • How you think about yourself

4. Do you think the media is a positive or negative influence on people's choices? Justify your thoughts.

5. Give 3 examples of ways that you can try to resist negative influences from popular media.