Assignment 5 - Other Influences (due Week 10)

All aspects of our life are influenced by a variety of factors. Everything we choose to do is influenced by many factors. Some of these factors we can control. Some of them we can't.

Let's think of an example where I have to make a choice. My friend is coming over to hang out on Saturday and I need to decide what we are going to do together. I could make all kinds of fun plans, but I can't choose to do anything I want to do in the whole entire world. My choices are limited by many factors.

  • Finances - I only have a certain amount of money to spend. I can't plan to do something very expensive if I don't have the money to pay for it.
  • Popular Media - I could be influenced by seeing a commercial for half-price tickets at the Go Cart Racetrack this weekend.
  • Peers and Friends - If I know my friends really love swimming, I will probably plan to go swimming. If none of my friends like it, then I probably won't plan for that (even if I really enjoy swimming myself).
  • Family - Your family can influence your choices too. If your family likes to stay in and watch movies all day on the weekend, I will likely plan for my friend to do that too because it's our tradition.

Your Healthy Eating Influences

Every student should know that healthy eating is an extremely important part of living a good lifestyle. Healthy food helps you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need to fuel your growing body. It helps you have enough energy to get through your busy day. It helps you maintain a healthy body weight. It also makes you feel good and it's pretty tasty too.

Everyone knows this, so you would think that it's easy for everyone to make healthy food choices all the time. We know is so good for us, so just do it! Wrong! It's not that easy. Many influences and limiting factors stand in the way of us making healthy food choices every single time we eat. For each of the categories below, explain how this factor could affect your ability to make food and healthy food choices. Reflect on your answers and respond to the final 3 questions honestly.

1.  Finances

  • How much money you have


2. Popular Media

  • Advertisements/Products in TV shows


3. Peers and Friends

  • What you see other teens eating


4. Family

  • What your family eats


5. Hunger

  • How hungry you are at the time


6. Body Image

  • How you feel about your body shape/size


7. Activities

  • What activities you are doing before and after you eat


8. Which of the 7 factors above are things that you don’t have any control over? Why?


9. Which of the 7 factors above are things that you do have control over? Why?


10. Choose 2 of the factors above and explain how you could still make a healthy food choice, even if you are limited by this factor.