Assignment 11: Healthy Relationships (due Week 22)

Most of our greatest experiences in life involve other people. We share good times with them. We share bad times with them. We share boring times with them. Having a friend or family member with you in all of these times can make everything better.

There is a saying that says, "No man is an island." The word 'man' in this case refers to human-kind in general, not just boys. This saying means that no one should have to be isolated from the rest of the world like an island is isolated by water. We need to be connected to other people to be a balanced and well-adjusted human being.

Your Task

Copy and Paste your work into the submission box and complete. If you would like to use Google docs, just copy and paste your document link (don't forget to make sure you have shared the document so that I have permission to open the document).

1. List 3 people who are important in your life.

2. Name 2 things you expect from each of these three people. These could be things that they give you or do for you.

3. Name 2 things that they can expect you to do for each of them.

4. Write a descriptive paragraph (of at least 5 sentences) that describes the perfect friend. What characteristics does this person have that makes them "the perfect friend"?

5. Are you a perfect friend? What characteristics do you already have? Which ones do you need to work on?