Assignment 3 - My Digital Portfolio (Due Week 6)

In this lesson, you will be creating a portfolio in Google docs and sharing it with your teacher. Remember that this is an ongoing project to which you can add year by year. We will begin by having you make a list of items you may wish to place in your portfolio.

Step 1

Go into Schoolzone and click on the Google Apps tab at the top. Then click on Drive. After that, click on the red create box on the left side of the page. Now, go down to Presentation and click. It will ask you to choose a theme.

Step 2

You will see that this is much like PowerPoint. You will create a separate page for each of the following headings:

Interests (what I enjoy doing)


Academic Skills

Non Academic Skills

Accomplishments (awards etc.)

Use the heading as the title for the page. To make a new page, you need to click on the little red box with the + sign on it just under the word 'file'.

Step 3

Then, use the subheading section to make a list for each page. If you need a second page to list all of the things you want to put on a page you can add as many pages as you need. If you wish to liven it up a bit, you can add in pictures of you doing those activities.

Step 4

Remember to share the presentation with your teacher. Click on the blue Share box in the upper right side of the screen. You will need to name your presentation like this David Wilson's Portfolio. Then, share it with your teacher.

Step 5

One you have set up permission to share the link, copy and paste the url link into the online submission box. Now you have completed the task.