Assignment 4 - Career Research (Due Week 8)

When people are in grade eight some feel that they know what they want for a career and others are unsure what path their life will take.  In this lesson, you will explore some careers and present a report on one career.  Remember, this is career exploration and is not meant to be the final word on career choice. 

Go to the ALIS website and spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site.  Go to Information on Occupations then Occupational profiles then Search by title.   Click on a letter of the alphabet to see a drop down menu of several occupations.

Choose an occupation which seems interesting to you after you have looked at all the possibilities.  You will prepare a report on this career.  Write your report in paragraph form using your own words(this will clearly indicate that you have put the information in your own words). You need to include the following information:


Work Conditions

Personal Characteristics



Related High School Courses

Does this career seem right for you?  Why?

Report must by in paragraph form only.