Assignment 6 - Wellness Consequences (Due Week 11)

In every area of our lives, the actions we take have consequences.  Should we decide to walk outside without shoes, one possible consequence would be that we may step on something and get a cut on our foot.   This principle holds true for our physical health and our emotional/mental health.

Here are a number of areas of physical health:

  1. sleep
  2. exercise
  3. cleanliness in the space around us
  4. oral hygiene
  5. body hygiene
  6. eating/nutrition
  7. smoking

Step 1

For each of these areas listed above, give one positive choice and one negative choice.  For example - if the area is clothing, a positive choice might be to wear clothing appropriate for the weather.  A negative choice might be to wear clothing that does not fit with an activity (wearing a parka, mitts and boots swimming).

Step 2

For each choice you gave above- give at least four consequences if that action is chosen.

You can do this assignment as a written report or you may do it as a mind map.  Another choice would be to do it as a Prezi.  A prezi is a digital form of a mind map.  You can get a free account at their website  prezi.  If you want to know more about prezis, you can search the word prezi and do some exploring.  If you do a prezi, upload a word document and include the link to your prezi.  Here is a very simple prezi you can view. (Click on the left and right arrows below the picture to navigate.)

Should you want to do a presentation in another form, you can contact your teacher and discuss your plan. 

 Step 3

Put the link to your written report, mind map, or prezi in the assignment upload activity below.