Assignment 7 - Consequences of Substance Abuse (Due Week 12)

For this assignment you will be creating a one minute radio, TV or internet advertisement to help raise awareness of the consequences of substance abuse.  The final product will be a sound file or video file that is one minute long. 

Step one: choose the substance you will research and higlight in your presentation.  You may choose any ONE of the following:  alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, amphetimines, morphine, barbituates, or pcp.

Step 2: Do your research on the short and long term effects of using the substance on the human body.  Here are some sites you could use. fact sheets on drugs and the effects. site with info on each of the drugs and categories. click on the download button for the article "Teen Tipplers,  America's underage Drinking Epidemic" located at the bottom of the page. sheet by Columbia University's centre on addictions and substance abuse. National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Step 3: Consider the long term effect of use on the family and society.

Spet 4: Create a script to present your findings from steps one, two and three.  Be creative and use your imagination.  You do not want to be boring the audience.   

Step 5:  Upload your assignment here.