Assignment 7 - Safe In Society (Due Week 12)

One of the basic principles in life is that each freedom we seek requires us to take on responsibilities in order to gain that freedom.  If we want the freedom to drive a vehicle then we take on the responsibility of obeying the law.  In this way, we can reduce risk and increase safety. 

When it comes to driving cars, statistics show us that the likelihood of an accident increases when we perform certain actions.  Since a certain number of accidents happen when people change lanes, each time we change lanes we are accepting that risk and at the same time putting others at risk.  This also applies to making left hand turns, going over the speed limit, stopping as lights change colour, etc.  

There are a number of areas in society where laws, rules and policies have been set to promote safety.  Three of these areas are driving, boating, and employment safety standards. 

Step 1: In this assignment you will investigate one of the three areas:

  1. driving
  2. boating
  3. employment standards

Record the areas in which the laws, rules or policies fall.  You will also make some notes on how these help promote safety. 

Step 2: Choose either option 1 or option 2

Option 1  

You will present a one minute public safety feature to promote safety in the area you have chosen.  Your presentation can take the form of an audio presentation or a video.  Upload the file or the link in this assignment.

Option 2

You will create a series of three posters to promote safety in the area you investigated.  Upload your posters here.  Each poster will need to be significantly different from the other two. 

Step 3    Upload your assignment or a link to your assignment.