Assignment 14 - Involved With Others (Due Week 19)

One major part of our lives is relationships with others.  These relationships can be very close (family) or very superficial (casual aquaintances).  In most cases our relationships are healthy, but there is always the potential for us to become involved in an unhealthy relationship.

Step 1 - View these websites on relationships.

Website 1

Website 2

Step 2 - You have received a letter from a friend which gives a great deal of information about their relationship with a close friend. The letter contains many details about the relationship and you have become concerned about what is happening.  Write them a letter telling them of your concerns about what is happening (and why you are concerned) and giving them some strategies they could use to improve the relationship. 

Imagine that they have told you about specific incidents in the letter they sent.  You can use these incidents in your letter as examples.  Your letter should be at least two paragraphs long.

Step 3 Upload your letter here.