Perspective 2.1 - Comparing Métis and Mestizo Music

Here are two videos for you to watch. You may want to download the Elements of Music presentation from Term 1 and review the elements so you can discuss them in your assignment.

Shayna & Cathy Genaille of the Asham Stompers dancing the "Red River Jig"

"El Son de la Negra" performed by Mariachi Las Morenas

Assignment 2.1 - Comparing Métis and Mestizo Music

Your task is to write a 2-3 page report comparing and contrasting the music of the Métis people and the music of the Mestizo people. The two pieces you will be using are the "Red River Jig" and "El son de la negra."

Choose at least four elements of music to compare.

Your final paragraph should be a conclusion that explains how the music of the Métis and Mestizo evolved on its own, separate from the original indigenous and European cultures it was inspired by.

Include some facts that you have learned about the Métis and Mestizo cultures to illustrate your argument. You can also focus on how the dancing relates to the music. Be specific about the things you see and include a time stamp (minutes:seconds) to pinpoint certain things you see in the video. If you do outside research from other books or websites, please include that information in a Bibliography at the end.