Perspective 2.1 - West African Music

Choose one piece of traditional West African Music:

Mamadou Diabate (title unknown)

Country of Origin: Mali

"Kyenkyen Bi Adi M'awu" by Gouda

Country of Origin: Ghana

Or you can choose a West African selection of your own on the internet.

      • HINT: Look at a map and search for music from specific West African countries.
      • Please include a link to the video or audio in your assignment.

Assignment 2.1 - West African Music

Listen to the piece of music and choose at least 4 elements of music to write about. You may wish to download and review the Elements of Music presentation from Term 1. Also be sure to look back at the Elements of Music chapter in this lesson for more detailed information about the elements in West African Music.

Be specific in describing what you hear. Use musical terminology when you can. Remember to address the beginning, middle, and end of the piece. You can use a time stamp (minutes:seconds) in the video to point out specific elements. If you do outside research from other books or websites, please include that information in a Bibliography at the end.

Your written work should be at least 5 paragraphs in length. In your final paragraph, make a comparison of your music selection with Western Music. This could be Art Music (i.e. Baroque or Classical) or Popular Music. What is similar? What is different?