Performance 3.2 - Student Performance (Teacher Evaluation)


Make a video recording of yourself performing a piece of music you have recently studied. Please read the How to Make a Recording page and make sure your recording will be acceptable. Most students will probably choose to make their recording by themselves at home or during their music lesson. However, if you would prefer to submit a video of yourself performing at a festival, recital, or concert, that is also acceptable.


  1. The piece of music must be 2-5 minutes in length.
  2. This must be a piece of music that you have perfected (or pretty close). I want to hear your best possible effort.
  3. This should be a piece of music that you have recently studied, preferably something that you started learning since the beginning of this school year.

When You Make Your Recording

  1. Position the camera so you can be seen and heard clearly. If you are playing piano, try to position the camera so I can see your hands and not just your back sitting at the keyboard.
  2. You may need to take some short test videos to check the audio levels that your camera picks up. If it is too quiet, move the camera closer to you. You can set the camera on a stand or table, or have a friend or family member operate the camera for you.
  3. Play through the piece a couple of times as a warm-up to get yourself ready.
  4. State your name and the title of the piece you will be performing before you begin.
  5. Play through the entire song from start to finish without stopping.
  6. Watch your video. If you are happy with it, then submit the video recording here. If you are not happy, try again until you are satisfied.

Answer These Questions

Please write the answers to these questions in the Online Text Box when you submit your recording file.

1. What is the title of this piece? Who is the composer?

2. Where did you find this piece of music?

3. How long did it take you to learn it?

4. What was the most challenging part about this piece?

5. Did you like this piece? Would you choose to perform something like it again?


This is the rubric that will be used to grade your performance and response to the questions above.

  • Questions = /5
  • Posture & Position = /3
  • Sound Quality = /3
  • Articulation = /3
  • Dynamics = /3
  • Tempo = /3
  • Total = /20