Perspective 3.1 - Concert Review

Your Assignment

Attend a live music concert in your area and write a 2 page review of the performance. The review will consist of two parts: Part A is an overall commentary on the concert, and Part B is a specific analysis of one piece that was performed. The concert must meet the requirements below in order to count for this assignment. You must also include a copy of your ticket or a program from the concert to verify your attendance.

Written Requirements

Part A: You will be commenting on four areas: Concert Experience, Tone Quality, Style and Interpretation, and Performance Technique. Some brainstorming questions have been included to help you think about each area. It may be difficult to answer some of these questions because you probably don’t have the written music for each song in front of you, but try to do your best. Be observant and use your musical judgement.

 1. Concert Experience

  • Where did you hear about this concert? Did the ensemble dress appropriately for the performance? Did they display energy on stage? Did they communicate with the audience musically? Did they engage the audience through dialogue or body language? Were they enjoyable to watch? Would you attend another concert with the same ensemble? If you paid to attend the concert, do you feel the price was appropriate for the experience?

2. Tone Quality

  • When the ensemble performed, what was the tone quality like? Was it: dark, light, thin, full, brassy, nasal, quiet, breathy, etc.? Did the performer use different tonal techniques, like vibrato? Overall, was the tone quality appropriate for the style of music? Was the intonation of the ensemble accurate? Were there certain parts or passages that you noticed were out of tune? Did the instruments and voices blend well together? Did certain parts or instruments stick out too much, or couldn’t be heard at all? Could the main melody parts be clearly heard?

3. Style and Interpretation

  • What was the style of music that was primarily performed? Was there a mix of different styles of music, or was it all from the same genre (i.e. a concert of Broadway tunes)? Did the ensemble perform the style accurately, in your opinion? Did the pieces contain different moods (happy, energetic, mysterious, etc.)? How did the ensemble portray the mood with their music? Were they successful?

4. Performance Technique

  • Did the ensemble begin and end phrases together? Was the ensemble able to maintain a steady tempo throughout? If there were tempo changes, did the ensemble stay together? Did they perform with a broad dynamic range? Were the loud sections clearly contrasting from the quiet sections? Do you feel the ensemble could have played quiet sections even quieter? Was the performance essentially free of wrong notes and rhythms, as far as you know? Were there any particular rhythms or passages that caused them difficulty? If you noticed a mistake, how did the performer recover from it?


Part B: Choose one piece that was performed at the concert to examine in depth. Comment on at least 4 of the elements of music. You can download the Elements of Music presentation from Term 1 if you need to review.