Perspective 1.1 - Medieval to Classical

Assignment 1.1 - Medieval to Classical

Based on what you read about emotion and music, think about how important it is to perform music in a historically accurate way.

We call this performance practice. Classical composers did not want too much emotion to be added to their music by the musicians. But how can musicians not perform in a way that connects with the audience?

Some musicians say that making a connection with their audience is the most important thing. They add in their own personal style and make the piece "their own." They add in emotions when they perform Classical music to express their own feelings and inspire the listener.

Other musicians say that being true to the original intention of the composer is the most important. They spend lots of time looking for evidence from the Classical composer and others in that time that tells them how to perform it exactly like it would have been heard in the 1700's. They might even buy antique instruments, or modern instruments built in the old style, so they can better emulate the particular sound.

In a paragraph, address the following question: To what extent should musicians follow the proper performance practice when performing historical music?

You may want to do some outside research to help you understand why musicians make these choices. You could even interview a professional musician or your music instructor to find out what they think.