Unit 1 Project - Interactions and Ecosystems

Unit 1 Project – Save the Frogs!


It is the year 2024 and the majority of Canada’s ecosystems have lost an important component due to habitat disruptions like pollution, human activity, and global warming. Aquatic ecosystems have been hit especially hard. You are a famous environmental scientist and the Canadian government has turned to you for help.

Lac Ste Anne is located about 70 km west of Edmonton along Highway 43. It used to be a great lake for boating, swimming, and fishing. A wide variety of wildlife used to call this area home. Human activities have disturbed the delicate balance of this pond ecosystem and have caused all the frog species in this lake to become locally extinct. Once people noticed that the frogs were gone, they started to make improvements to the area to reduce pollution and limit human activity in the lake and it has started to recover. However, the frogs have not yet come back.

Your Task

You need to create a presentation to give to an assembly of government officials that will convince them to reestablish a frog population in Lac Ste Anne. Choose a species of frog from anywhere in the world that you think would do well in this lake ecosystem. Look at how bringing this frog into Lac Ste Anne would improve all elements of the ecosystem. Come up with a specific action plan that you would use to ensure your program is a success. Remember that this is a persuasive presentation – use your strongest writing voice to present your ideas.


  • Your presentation may be a PowerPoint presentation, written report, or web page. You need to include at least 3 images in the presentation.
  • You can choose to submit the presentation file on its own, or record a video or audio track of yourself giving the presentation.
  • Please include the source of any information or images in a Bibliography at the end of your presentation.
  • If you quote any words exactly from a book or website, please include that section inside “quotation marks.”

Use these questions to help guide you as you make your presentation. Make sure you consider all the important components of the lake ecosystem in your presentation.

1. Describe the lake ecosystem of Lac Ste Anne.

2. Present your frog species. Why is this frog a good choice to repopulate Lac Ste Anne? Why will it be successful?

3. How will this frog species affect Lac Ste Anne in a positive way? How will this frog species affect all the different elements of the lake ecosystem you discussed for Question 1? Use your scientific knowledge to make accurate predictions about what might happen.

4. How will you introduce the frog to the lake? What steps will you take to ensure that the population is established and stable? How will you monitor the effects of the new frog species on the lake? How will you know when your program is a success?

If you have any creative ideas about how to deliver your presentation, or have any questions about what needs to be included, please contact your teacher BEFORE the assignment due date.

Click on this link to see a copy of the rubric your teacher will use to grade your project. Check it over before you submit and make sure you've done your best work.