Exercise 1.4: Recycle City

Go to this website to play the Recycle City game: http://www3.epa.gov/recyclecity/mainmap.htm

Answer 6 of the following 12 questions.

1. Visit Maria's Market in Recycle City and list three ways her market can reduce the amount of waste caused by the products she sells.

2. Find the place in Recycle City where you can get information on what to do with leftover cleaning products. Is there a place to take those kinds of items in Recycle City? Where is it?

3. Visit some houses in Recycle City and look for examples of household hazardous waste. How many are there? What are some safer, natural alternatives that could take the place of some of these things?

4. Cruise around Recycle City and find all the tips you can use to reduce pollution and waste that come from cars.

5. Can you find out which recyclable item makes up the largest percentage of our trash?

6. Identify three recycling activities that Recycle City students use to help raise money for class projects.

7. Mayor Turner oversees the city government. What kinds of things do the 3R committee do?

8. Find at least five different ways to reduce or reuse paper.

9. Find at least three places in Recycle City where books are resold or reused.

10. Harlin Hazzard of the Recycle City Hazardous Waste Center wants to hire you as his assistant manager. Before you can accept, you must name the four characteristics that make hazardous waste hazardous.

11. Before he gives you a higher salary, Harlin wants to know what can be done to reduce the amount of hazardous waste going into the hazardous waste landfill. Can you tell him?

12. How many places in Recycle City can you find used tires. Look carefully.