Exercise 2.2: Growing Plants in Space

You are a plant biologist working for the Argyll Space Agency. We will be launching a permanent space station into orbit around Earth, similar to the current International Space Station. Your job is to select several species of plants to bring with the mission. These plants will be grown in artificial conditions on the space station and will fulfill several needs of the astronauts that live there.

Your Task

1. Find some plants that could be grown on the space station and used for each of the following things (one plant per purpose):

  • Plants for Food
  • Plants for Medicine
  • Plants that Clean the Air
  • Plants that Purify Water
  • Plants for Decoration & Enjoyment

2. Explain why your plant choices are ideal for that purpose.

Present your findings as a written report, video presentation, or PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to include a picture of each plant you want to bring onto the space station.