Exercise 2.3: Forestry Video Field Trip

1. How trees were harvested prior to 1950?

2. Explain how trees are harvested in Alberta forests today. What are the four stages? 

3. Most logs in Alberta are from coniferous trees. Name two kinds that are commonly used. 

4. What are three things the bark from trees is used for?

5. All the wood not used for lumber is sent to the chipper. Where does this chipped wood end up? 

6. What characteristics are used to sort the wood?

7. The amount of lumber harvested from Alberta each year could build ___< >_____ medium sized homes.

8. There are two kinds of pulp mills in Alberta. What are they and what kind of paper do they make?

9. Milk Cartons are made from what type of paper?

10. Why are microbes added to the water used by pulp mills?

11. Forestry companies must develop a plan before any harvesting can begin. When planning they must consider many things. Name three things they must consider. 

12. How long does it take to regenerate a forest after it has been harvested?