Exercise 4.1: Alternate Thermal Energy Sources

You are an energy researcher with the environmental consulting firm, Argyll Energy. You have been hired to create a presentation on alternate thermal energy sources to present to a provincial government meeting. This meeting will have several government ministers responsible for the environment, economic stability, employment, and the oil and gas industry in attendance.

Part 1

Create a presentation that explains each of the following 4 alternate thermal energy sources. What are they? How can thermal energy be generated using each method?

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Hydroelectric Energy

Part 2

Currently in Alberta, we do most of our heating with oil and gas products like coal and natural gas. It is a huge industry that employs a lot of people and brings money into our province. Changing the way we generate our thermal energy is a very big decision that will have positive and negative effects on many different areas. The panel wants you to answer the following questions in your presentation:

1. If we change all of our thermal energy generation to alternate sources, how will that affect jobs and employment in Alberta?

2. If we change all of our thermal energy generation to alternate sources, how will that affect our environment in Alberta?

3. The oil and gas industry brings a lot of money into the province of Alberta because we can sell these products to other provinces and countries. We use this money for schools, hospitals, roads, and many provincial services. If we do not sell oil and gas anymore, we will not have this money to use. How will changing our thermal energy to alternate sources affect the money and economy in Alberta?