Exercise 4.2A: My Daily Energy Consumption

For this assignment, you will be tracking your own energy use for a day. After you have recorded all the energy you use in a day, you need to answer some questions. The goal of this assignment is to help you see your energy use for a day and to think about ways that you could reduce your impact on the environment.


Starting from the moment you wake up in the morning, begin tracking all the different ways that you use energy for a whole day. Keep track on a sheet of paper or on your computer. Be sure to write down: what you did, the time that you used the energy, and what type of energy it was (ex. electricity, natural gas, petroleum). If you ride in a car (even if you aren't the one driving) or if you eat a meal that was cooked on a stove (even if you weren't the one cooking it) you should include that too. You also need to include any appliances in your house that run all the time, like your fridge, freezer, humidifier, or furnace.

Attach your Energy Consumption Tracker document to your assignment submission or take a picture/scan if you did it on paper.

Here is an example from my day:


1. Which activity did you spend the most time on that day?

2. One way we can save energy is to substitute activities that use energy for activities that don't. Were there any energy using activities that you could have substituted that day? What could you have done instead?

3. Another way we can save energy is to limit the amount of time we use energy. Were there any activities that you could have done in a shorter time? How could your modification help you save energy?

4. Which form of energy (ex. electricity, natural gas, petroleum, etc.) has the greatest negative impact on the environment? Explain your choice.

5. Why should we, as in regular Canadian citizens, think about reducing our energy use?