Exercise 1.3: Wonders of the World

Humans have built so many amazing structures on Earth. Some have significant cultural or religious significance. Some were built thousands of years ago using simple tools and methods that modern engineers still can't figure out. Some were built using the most advanced technology available today. Some are functional and useful. Some are just built to be beautiful.

Your assignment is to create your own list of Five Wonders of the World. Create a PowerPoint presentation to show the wonders you have selected. The requirements for your presentation are as follows.

1. Each wonder must be human-built. It may be ancient or modern.

2. Find a picture of each of the 5 wonders and include that in your presentation.

3. Answer the following questions for each of the 5 wonders.

  • Where is it?
  • When was it built (approximately)?
  • Why was it built?
  • What structural challenges did the builders and designers have to overcome to create the wonder?
  • What technology (ancient or modern) did they use to build it?
  • Why do you think this structure should be included on a list of wonders of the world?