Exercise 2.2 Teepee Investigation

Read the lab instructions in the lesson. Submit the answers to these questions and your observations during your lab test.


1. State your hypothesis. Which teepee will be able to resist the force of wind the best?


2. Fill in the data chart below with your observations. If your fan only has 2 speeds, record your results in Lowest and Highest and leave Medium Speed blank.

What happened to the teepee when the fan was blowing at these speeds. Be descriptive.


Lowest Speed

Medium Speed

Highest Speed

Teepee 1

< >

< >

< >

Teepee 2

< >

< >

< >


3. What was a controlled variable in this experiment? What was an independent variable? What was a dependent variable? Go to this website if you aren't sure how to identify these variables.

4. What are the dynamic and static loads that affect these structures?

5. Which structure had a more secure centre of gravity? How do you know?


6. Which teepee structure can withstand the strongest winds?

7. How could you modify this teepee structure to be even more secure?

8. How could native people use this information to build a sturdy teepee home?