Exercise 4.3: Evaluating Products


Your family just won the lottery!

Well ... it's not really that great of news. You've won $2500, but it's better than nothing!

Your family has decided to take your $2500 winnings and buy a new couch for your living room. Even though you have a good amount of money, it's still important to make sure you purchase a couch that will meet your family's needs for now and for the long term. The couch should be durable, functional, and enhance your family's quality of life.

Your task is to come up with a plan of how you want to spend the $2500. You need to think about what you want to see in a couch, should it have special features, what fabric should it have, will it suit your family's needs, and importantly you must ensure you stay at or under the $2500 budget.

Your Assignment

1. Does your family have a couch right now? Describe it. What is good about it? What is not good about it?

2. Do you have any specific needs that this couch must meet? Example: size, shape, seating capacity, fabric, reclining seats, cup holders, usb charging ports, etc. If you aren't sure, ask your parents for advice. These are your specifications.

3. Are there any other important factors to consider when purchasing this item? Look at your textbook pages 334-336 for ideas.

4. Go online to a furniture store and select 3 different couches that meet your specifications. Copy a picture of the advertisement, or provide a link to the page that the couch is listed online.

5. For each couch option answer the following questions:

  • Does this couch meet all the specifications you listed in Question 2?
  • What are 3 pros, or good points, about this couch?
  • What are 3 cons, or bad points, about this couch?
  • Does it fit within your $2500 budget?

6. What is your final decision: Which couch would you purchase with your $2500?

7. Why did you select that couch? Give at least 3 reasons why it was the best choice.

8. Why is it useful to evaluate and compare products that you want to purchase?