Exercise 3.1: Viscosity Lab

Exercise 3.1A Viscosity Lab


Problem: To compare the viscosity's of different liquids.

Prediction: Based on your knowledge of these foods, predict in which liquid (corn syrup, ethanol, honey, oil or water) the ball will fall the fastest and in which it will fall the slowest. Place all four liquids in order on the table below.

Corn Syrup, Ethanol, Olive Oil, Honey or Water



(Pick one of these words for each of the spaces provided: corn syrup, ethanol, honey, oil or water)

The ball will fall the fastest:


The ball will next fastest


The ball will fall slower:


The ball will fall even slower:


The ball will fall the slowest:



1. You will need to drop an object, like a marble into the liquid and time how long it will take to reach the bottom.

2. It is necessary to drop the ball from the same height each time to make the test fair and the experimental results valid.

3. Record the time it takes for the ball to fall through the liquid on the Observations table below.

If you did not record the time for each trial, you may have to do the experiment again so that you can record the results below.

4. Repeat this experiment for a total of 3 trials. This allows for any experimental error and therefore gives a more "accurate" result. A Scientist needs to provide data to support his/her analysis and conclusion



Name of Substance

Time for ball to fall

Rank Fastest to Slowest

















Analysis and Conclusion:

What did you learn about liquids and viscosity? Explain which liquid is more viscous.

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