Exercise 4.3: Create a Boat

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Problem: How can we make a lump of clay float?

lump of modeling clay or plasticine
Large bowl of water.

1. Take a lump of clay and roll it into a ball about the size of a golf ball.
2. Drop it into the bowl of water and record your observations.
3. Now take the clay out of the water and roll it into a flat sheet less then 5 mm (1/2 cm) thick. Use it to form a boat.


4. Place it back into the same bowl of water and record your observations of all steps in this experiment.

Analyze and Conclude
The movie you were asked to watch on the web page is no longer available. But it is not necessary if you go to page 47 of the text and begin to read pertinent information.
1. Use particle theory explain why the ball of clay sank to the bottom. The word "density" should appear in your answer and the difference between the water and clay should be explained.
2. Use particle theory to explain why the boat floats when it is composed of the same amount of clay as the ball. Your answer should explain the difference between the water and clay.