Exercise 2.2: Osmosis

Experiment Time: Osmosis

Now lets explore osmosis. Consider reviewing the multimedia segment in Background Information before completing this activity.

- 2 soup bowls
- 6 carrot sticks approximately the same size and shape
- 15 mL of salt
- water
- 250 mL measuring cup

1. Use the measuring cup to add 250 mL of water into each bowl.
2. Add the 15 ml of salt to one bowl. Do not add anything else to the second bowl.
3. Describe the shape, texture, and rigidity of the carrot sticks in your science notebook.
4. Place two carrot sticks into each bowl of water. Leave two carrot sticks on the counter.
5. Wait for about an hour then remove the carrot sticks from the bowls and place them on a paper towel.

6. Compare the six carrot sticks and record your observations in your science notebook.

Analyze and Conclude
1. Describe what happened to carrots in: (a) fresh water -

(b) salt water -

(c) out of water -
2. What substance do you think moved into and out of the carrot cells? Why?