Exercise 3.2: Calculating Work

Exercise 3.2

Calculating Work

Complete the following questions:
1. Convert 250 g to newtons.
2. Convert 3 kg to newtons.
3. Convert 32 newton-meters to Joules.
4. A student used a force meter to measure the pull of gravity on a 11 kg object. What was the reading in newtons on the force meter?
5. Calculate the work done by lifting a stack of books 0.5 m onto a table. The force you exerted was 150 N. (Caution: make sure that the answer is in the right units.)
6. Calculate the amount of work it will take to lift a lawnmower with a mass of 8 kg onto the back of a truck which is 0.75 m off the ground. (Show all conversions in your work)