Exercise 1.1: The Water Planet

Let's scan the Earth's data banks to get some scientific data on the Earth's water resources.

Use the following links to answer the questions below. 

Website 1: Where is the Earth's water located? 

Website 2: The Water Cycle 

Website 3: Total Renewable Freshwater Supply by Country 

Website 4: Illness and Death Caused by Contaminated Water 

Website 5: Groundwater in Canada

Complete the following questions:

1. How much of the Earth's water is in the seas and oceans of the world?  
2. What percent of the Earth's total global water is freshwater for human use?  
3. How much of Earth's freshwater is locked in glaciers and ice caps?  
4. Humans get most of their water from surface freshwater. How much is this?
5. What is another name for the water cycle?  
6. What provides the energy for the water cycle?  
7. Why are the oceans salty?  
8. Name the four countries (in order) that have the most renewable freshwater and give the volume in cubic km for each.
Country's Name
Available Fresh Water in Cubic Km
9. Why do you think the number 1 country on that list has the most freshwater?  
10. Name the number one killer (mortality) of people because of water-related disease.  
11. What is groundwater?  
12. What is an aquifer?  
13. How many Canadians depend on groundwater? How many Albertans?