Exercise 2.2: Making Waves

Exercise 2.2: Making Waves

Complete the "Making Waves" activity on Page 350 of your Science in Action textbook and answer the following questions

6. a) Were you able to change the heights of the waves you created?
b) If so, how did you do it?
7. a) Were you able to move the cork across the pan?
b) Explain why or why not.
8. Using words and pictures, create a summary of what you know about waves.

 Check and Reflect (Science in Action, Page 354)

Complete questions 1 to 5:

1. Describe the movement of water in a wave.
2. What happens to the waves in a lake as they get closer to the shore?
3. a) Can rivers have waves?
b) If so, what causes them?
4. What causes the tide?
5. Describe something new that you learned in this unit so far.