Exercise 2.3: Glacier Presentation

Exercise 2.3: Glacier Presentation

What To Do
Design a website or a multimedia presentation describing glaciers and illustrating how they change the landscape.

You will need some web editing software or multimedia presentation software (like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint). You could also choose to create a Google sites or a Google Slides presentation.

1. Your website or slide show presentation. Attach a link to your presentation or website

2. Your website or presentation must include the following:

    1. Describe how glaciers form
    2. Distinguish between valley glaciers and polar ice caps
    3. Describe how glaciers erode the land
    4. Identify evidence of valley and continental glacier activity
    5. Discuss the factors affecting the growth or retreat of valley glaciers

Use your textbook and/or electronic resources to find information.
Do not simply plagiarize (copy) text from a web page, textbook, or encyclopedia. Make sure you give credit to the book or web site where you found any information or photographs that you use in your presentation. If possible, give the name of the author or photographer. When crediting a website, give the web address (URL) and provide the date on which you visited.

Web Resources

There are many websites that provide information on glaciers. Here are three to get you started.

Glacier Morphology: Classification by Shape & Temperature
Columbia Ice Fields
Type "Columbia Ice Fields" in google images and you will find a great deal of interesting pictures.

Glaciers in Motion (BrainPop)
Click on "Log In" then use the proper user ID " argyllbp " and the password " brainpop ".
Then do the search by typing in "glaciers" and select the one that fits the search.

The Anatomy of a Glacier