Exercise 3.2: Aquatic Populations

Do the Decision Making Activity: Can the Cod Fishery Be Saved? on page 382.
Although this is a group activity, do the research on your own.
3. a) Give three possible reasons for the decline in the cod population?

b) Explain what you think is the real reason was and why.
4. What recommendations would you make to the government on how to deal with the cod problem in a fair way for the fishing families?
Complete Check and Reflect questions #1 to 3 on page 385.
1. When populations or species die off, or when they're unhealthy, it's a sign that something in the ecosystem has changed.

Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement.
2. Look at the figure 3.14 on page 385. Explain the term population and what this picture represents in regards to populations.
3. The zebra mussel population in the Great Lakes has exploded.

Explain whether you think the population will continue to expand like it has in the past and why.