What is Your Culture Assignment

What is your culture? Many factors in our environment determine the culture or cultures to which we belong as is exemplified in the Seven (7) Aspects of Culture video. Use the information in the video to explain your culture. How do the cultural perspectives that you assume affect your worldview?

Examine your own culture. Choose a PowerPoint presentation, chart, or essay format and comment on your culture based on the Seven (7) Aspects of Culture video

For example, you might start with Social Organizations. Discuss your family group, immediate and extended. You might include where they live (grandparents live in China), where your mother and father were born, and other information that would define your 'culture'. You might indicate that because your heritage is Scottish, Irish and Ancient Inca, you speak three languages, play the bagpipes and can dance a jig. (Ha, caught you! Because I said that my grandparents live in China, you presumed that I am, at least, part Chinese – not – they moved there for my Grandpa’s job.)

Do you have one religion, no religion or several religions? Ceremonies at home might include celebrating Chinese New Year, Robbie Burns Day and Thanksgiving. (Your religion may dictate what holidays you celebrate but how you celebrate them might be very different than other families who share your religion.) It gets complicated but very interesting…

What interest groups do you belong to and how do they define your culture?  (For example – A person might belong to the ‘Social Nerds of the World’ group and they are expected to wear green beanies, be ‘all knowing’ about technology and believe that if you have a ‘flip phone’ you are probably a non-techie grandmother! They also speak  ‘tech-speak’ and hang out with friends who understand their language. They don’t say much at home for this reason!)

This presentation will demonstrate your understanding of the aspects of 'culture'. If you wish to present your information in another manner, email the teacher to discuss your ideas. 

25 Marks