Ceremonies - Rites of Passage Assignment (T2)

Rites of Passage - Please recognize that these rites of passage are not universal. Each group or community will have characteristics that are specific to their community.

These rights of passage have sacred and non-sacred aspects. To show respect and to adhere to protocols, be sure that all your information deals with non-sacred aspects of the ceremony. 

Identify a specific First Nations, M├ętis or Inuit rite of passage that interests you. 

Research the ceremony including information such as: 

  • when it takes place 
  • symbolism used 
  • protocol or etiquette involved 
  • how it expresses the culture's world view. (You may need to research background information about the culture for context.)

Organize your research into a PowerPoint presentation of six or more slides.  Include your information in point form and pictures where appropriate.  Supplement your research with your own thoughts and ideas.  If you have personal experiences of the ceremony, you may wish to share these in your presentation if you like.

30 Marks