Key Issues Assignment (T3)

What kinds of solutions can you offer for the problems facing Aboriginal peoples?

 What To Do:

  1. Choose to investigate one of the following topics
  • Economic instability
  • Land claims
  • Self-government
  • Treaty rights
  • Justice disputes
  • Environmental issues

2.Research the following questions:

  • What is the background/history of the issue
  • What Aboriginal political organizations are involved in the issue at the local and national levels?
  • What kinds of solutions have been proposed or implemented?
  • Which solutions worked? Why? Which did not? Why not?

3. Ask yourself, which solution(s) appear to be the best? Consider whether the problem is one that can be fixed quickly or if a long-term approach is necessary. Your goal is to get to the root of the problem in order to see long-term change.

4. Jot down what steps are needed to achieve your goal.  Estimate the amount of time needed. What organizations (including, possibly new ones) and governments would need to be involved? How would an agreement be achieved?

5. Prepare a presentation on your topic, including your research and solutions.

This could be a PowerPoint, video, interview, speech, report or another form of presentation.

35 Marks