Recognizing Achievement Assignment

You have been given a list of prominent Aboriginal Canadians who have earned recognition in their professional fields. Research a First Nations individual, a Metis individual and an Inuit individual who has successfully entered into the world of business to improve their quality of life while keeping in balance traditional practices. Create a profile for each of these individuals. This profile may be presented as an Interview, magazine article, resume or other appropriate format that lends itself to a detailed review of an individual’s life and his/her work. (Don't forget that there is the magazine and community website links in the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Communities section at the beginning of the course.) 


  • their location
  • their band or tribe affiliation
  • personal information such as where they grew up, important and/or influential people in their lives
  • ways that they maintain their traditional values
  • information about their business  or profession
  • how their business and their work benefits the local community

45 Marks