Traditional Art Form Research Assignment (T4)

In this research assignment,  choose a traditional art form - one from the First Nations, one from the Inuit and one from the M├ętis.  Investigate the five W's about it. 

Examples of Traditional Art Forms:

Quillwork, Beadwork, Tufting, Birchbark Biting, Fishscale Art, Inuit Sculpting, Canoe Building

Your research assignment needs to answer the following questions:

  • What is the art form and its history?
  • Who did/does this art form (nation, clan, individuals, etc.)? 
  • Why did/do they do it
  • Where:
    1. did they learn it
    2. did they display it
    3. did they work on it
  • When did/do they do it? (for ceremonies, everyday life, etc.)? Is this art form still practiced today?
Your assignment may be presented in any way that you feel is best (e.g., written assignment, photo essay, powerpoint, speech, poster, video, etc.).

20 Marks