Contemporary Artist Assignment (T4)


Published on Oct 23, 2013

Karin and Kathy Kettler, the Canadian throat-singing sisters who together are known as Nukariik, carry on the traditions of the elders from their mothers' village in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik, which is located in northern Quebec.

 Watch the video and answer the following questions:

  1. Why do the girls feel that Throat Singing is so special?
  2. How is Throat Singing connected to the land?
  3. In what way does Throat Singing reflect the educational practices of the Inuit?

Songs are traditionally passed on from one person to the next through oral transmission.  Some elders maintain that oral tradition should remain 'oral tradition' and should not be recorded or presented in any form other than orally by specifically designated elders. What has been the impact of the transition from an oral culture to a technology/media/writing based transmission of culture? Write a few short paragraphs outlining the pros and cons of moving away from a purely oral tradition. What will be lost? What will be gained?

15 Marks