Midterm Project ~ In a Changing World

Based on the Seven (7) Aspects of Culture video (7 Rebecca Carr - Published on July 25, 2015) that you watched at the beginning of the course, you are to create a course designed to be used in a Grade 10 multicultural classroom. You have a choice - the M├ętis or the Inuit.

  • You are to include the outcomes (what students are to learn - based on the Seven Aspects and their subdivisions) 
  • the content (information that is important for a full understanding of the outcomes - use a wide variety of resources and content - videos, charts, graphs, slides, diagrams, drawings, sound bytes, etc.) 
  • the assessment (how will you know that the students have learned and understand the information). You will create the quizzes, projects, forum or discussion topics, etc. with the accompanying answer sheet.

Consider the Past and the Present within the seven aspects and their subdivisions. 

Use the attached word document to evaluate your resources. Make sure you cite content and ask permission if something is copyrighted.

50 Marks