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Term 3 Perspective Lessons & Assignments

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An important part of being a musician is listening to other artists perform. Listening allows us to develop our concept of sound. We listen to professional musicians and strive to emulate the aspects of their performance that we really like. Listening to music also allows us to develop an understanding of different musical styles. Especially if it is a style that you do not personally perform. As students of music, you will develop an appreciation for quality music and quality performances.  You will start to appreciate a musician not just as a fan or casual listener, but with a more critical ear. Professional and amateur musicians present music for their audiences to enjoy, but they cannot continue doing it without the support of the community. Attending public concerts is a way to show an artist that you like their music and want to support what they do.

Your Assignment

Attend a live music concert in your area and write a 2 page review of the performance. The review will consist of two parts: Part A is an overall commentary on the concert, and Part B is a specific analysis of one piece that was performed using the elements of music. The concert must meet the requirements below in order to count for this assignment. You need to include a copy of your ticket or a program from the concert to verify your attendance.

Concert Requirements

  • Your instrument or type of voice must be featured in the concert. For example, if you are studying the piano for this music course, there must be a piano in the concert you attend.
  • Pop touring artists (Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, One Direction, etc.) will not be accepted for this assignment. Try to see a musician who is from your local area, if possible.
  • The concert must be at least 1 hour in length. You need to attend the entire performance.
  • It must be a live performance, not taped or recorded music. For example, a karaoke show with live singers performing with a CD recording does not count.
  • You may not be a performer in the concert.

If you are not sure whether a concert will fit these requirements, please contact your Argyll music teacher before you attend the concert. Tell your teacher the details about the performance and they will let you know whether or not the performance will be acceptable.

How do I find a concert?

Local music shows are not hard to find if you know where to look. Check out a local concert venue or performance hall for their yearly schedule. If you want to see a certain artist or group, check their website for concert dates. Look for posters around town or in music stores. Music schools, colleges, and universities often have free concerts or recitals of their students.

Several Edmonton-based websites are listed here. If you know of any that you think should be added, let your music teacher know.

Music Schools

Performance Venues

Musical Artists and Groups