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Week 14 - Plants for Food and Fibre Unit Test

Review Activity

Review: An Overview of the Module
Textbook Skimming This module has a few key concepts which should stand out once you have completed all the lessons and activities.
Final Exercise: Vocabulary Log

As this is an optional activity, I will not be marking this section. Use your text to verify your work.

1. Use your textbook for this activity. Go through the entire, "Plants for Food and Fibre" module in the textbook and write down all the bold or highlighted words in the text.

2. Now that you have a list of all the key terms, copy out the definitions for those terms that you can not accurately describe on your own. This is a great study resource.
You can use the glossary at the back of the textbook or print out the online glossary to learn the meaning of the words. To test your understanding, can you use the term in a meaningful sentence?